Infinii What is

What is Infinii? | Scam? | Compensation Plan Here

What is Infinii What is Infinii? This new way of making money with ecommerce and referral will change a lot of lives. This system is designed to even plan your retirement.

There are soo many ways to make money with Infinii, that is crazy, but it is simple to follow.

So what is Infinii?

If you look at this PDF it will cover most of the details on how INFINII will work and how easy is to generate serious cash with Infinii. If you prefer to go straight to the PDF and even download the file please:

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But stick around and keep reading and learn how this baby works or watch the short version of what Infinii is below:

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The world of ecommerce is growing rapidly and it is a 11 Trillion in sales around the world in 2014; this number will increase by the end of this year. That is counting big giants companies like Alibaba, Uniqlo, Overstock, Rakuten, Walmart, Amazon, Google, and eBay and those are just a few to name some of them.

Infinii What is

With Infinii we already have a proven system that works and we have real people making serious money and I want you to do the same!

Infinii What is

How to MAKE $ With Infinii?

Lets start by the easiest way on how to make money with Infinii and the is called the “Spring Board.” The “Infinii” Spring Board is a simple Co-Op the brings profit even to the newbie that wants to learn about Ecommerce and don’t have a clue how to sell on eBay, Amazon or any other platform. You just by the Co-Op and let the experts with Infinii do all the selling for you. If you pay attention to the photo below the Spring Board, once you buy one of the co-op or co-ops (limits will be set) you will be participating or investing in one Spring Board and getting profits from each Spring Board you invested bought. That is why, if you don’t have an idea on how to sell on these platforms like Amazon & eBay you need to get this option; its easy money!!

What is Infinii Spring Board

Let me explain a little more why this Infinii Spring Board is very powerful. I sell on Amazon and I have to list the item, to include the listing, keywords, marketing, look for the image, create a better image or edit the image, and more, but with the Spring Board you don’t have to do any of that, just get the co-op and wait until you get paid. There is no doubt that, I’m going to buy a lot of Spring Boards.

Let me show you another picture showing the Spring Boards below and I’ll go over them as we go with this article about Infinii.


Each picture or product is ONE Spring Board. Now pay attention to the Spring Board above and on the first option with the Spider Man picture. This specific Spring Board has 1000 ordered and it has 100 seats or people that could get to this Spring Board. Are you following? The price per Spring Board seat is $10.00, now if you take look at the picture it shows the selling price of $9.29 and then it has the selling fees that are involved with this transaction. If you take the $9.29 – $5.98 – 1.00 (which is the cost of your Spring Board 1/10 dollars) it gives you a profit of $2.61 per item sold times divided by the number of people involved in the Spring Board (100), that gives you a total of $26.10 in profits per seat. That is 250% ROI (return on investment.) Not bad for just investing a few bucks!! Even my 401K lost money last quarter LOL this gives you a good ROI. This is only the beginning on how to make money with Infinii.

Now lets cover the different levels of membership that comes with Infinii. The fist level is called Prime and it is $49.95 a month. It comes with all the options that you see below.


The second level is Surge and it has all the same options of Prime plus the ones you see below for $149.95 a month.


Excel is the final membership and it has the best and it has the same options that comes with all the previous levels plus the options below for $399.99 a month. It looks expensive but, once you learn how the compensation plan works and specially if you reach certain levels, you’ll understand why this is the best membership; I’ll cover that later.


What is the best way to start with Infinii?

How to Make Money With InfiniiThe first step is to start by deciding on which level you really like, take the most advantage, and you could afford. I recommend to start with at least the Surge because, it gives you more Spring Boards and it will unlock more bonuses (I’ll cover that later) once you reach certain levels with INFINII. Then the second most important part to start is to share this opportunity with friends and family. Social media will help you “BIG TIME” (I’ll train you on that) and it will grow your business very fast.


Now lets start digging in on ways to generate commissions with Infinii. There are 6 different ways to generate those commissions and there are very simple to follow.

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The hybrid plan and it is awesome because, you will generate income from all your personal line on both legs and your entire team as you can see on the picture below. Where the number 1 that means your entire line that you sponsored and the number 2 means your entire team that other team members brought to the team for you; there are some point system involved here but, it will take for ever to write it here, the idea here is to at least grasp the idea. The idea here is to help your team get their two on each leg and unlock bonuses as you go up in ranks and increase your membership. This system is binary and you’ll need one person on your left and one on your right.



Different Bonuses W/ Infinii:


The first bonus is the Beginner Bonus and that pays up to $1800!! All you need to do here is to maintain 2 active customers on each left and right leg of your dual team and generate enough BBP (point system)



The second one is the DUAL TEAM BONUS “Infinii“:

Each level with the dual team bonus has different % depending on your rank with Infinii. The first bonus will be unlocked once you reach, National Manager and earns 10% from the LESSER leg up TO $800. This are bonuses that keep compounding to generate a huge income. You should be part of this great idea TODAY!! Once you reach the Senior Director with Infinii you’ll unlock 15% Up to $4, 000 instead of 10% from all your team. Then things get even better because, once you reach the next level after Senior Director you will unlock 20% up to $19,600!!




Now lets go over the next bonus, OK?

ok, so the next bonus is the Infinii Pay and it’s paid because of your entire team unlimited depth. Imagine generating commissions from your entire downline (direct and indirect) without limits. This bonus is completely different than the other bonuses already covered in this article.

I know in the beguining looks hard to understand but, once you read it or watch the video a couple of times, you’ll get the basics with this, trust me.

Now lets make an example of this bonus and just using four people in your downline and all sponsored by you. If you look at the photo below, Sam, Sue, Mark and Kim were sponsored by you and now they all have their own team. Since you put the effort to help them grow their business, it’s time to get you rewarded for that.

Now Sam generated over 19,600 BV and since you have the necessary rank to qualify for this rank, you are entitle to earn 5% of his entire volume which is $980 PER WEEK, yes PER WEEk and the example keep going the same way with Sue, Mark, and Kim as shown in the picture below:

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.28.52 AM


Still Need To Know More About Infinii?

If you need more information about Infinii don’t hesitate to ask. I have the experience on how to dropship, sell on AMAZON, I’m a true team player and especially when your success is my success. Go to and CONTACT ME ABOUT INFINII and join this great idea TODAY.


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