Digital Altitude – Step One Thoughts

Some time ago, I was looking for a way to start network marketing and be successful. Digital Altitude came around June if I’m not mistaken and I got a link from a friend of mine and to be honest, I ignored that link and I thought, here he comes with a stupid idea again to pitch me. To be honest at that time I thought it was a waste of time to join this Digital Altitude company but, at the same time, I knew it was set up perfectly. The last sentence feels contradicting but let me explain it better. For me this opportunity was not right for me during that time, but I did know the structure was perfect.


I like the idea of having a coach with Digital Altitude was a great idea. Most of the people when they look for a company in network marketing or any other company, just don’t know what to do.  Most of the people get lost during the first 30 days of their business. That is why digital altitude is the best option for those people who want to start doing business in network marketing.


When I got the first call my coach was very helpful and she took me step-by-step on everything that I have to do with my new business. These company Digital altitude is set up in a way that newbies and even people who are already doing network marketing Will help them to be successful with this great opportunity. What I mean with this is that digital altitude has step-by-step on what to do, what to say and the most important part is that they have Products with high tickets. I will cover this high tickets in later post but for now, I would like to focus on just the initial process that, I went through when I started with digital altitude.

Why Digital Altitude?

Oh you will see what step one is all about. I’m not going through all the the steps, because in my opinion the first three are the most important ones. The first three steps basically is like having someone walk you through the basics. Like I wrote before this is for all newbies and people already doing network marketing. So now, let’s begin with step one.

Step 1:

How To Build A 6 Figure Digital Business In 90-Days Or Less?

Digital ALtitude Step 1

This is not a video. I can’t post the videos on my blog per company rules.

As you can see above the question is how to build a six figure Digital business in 90 days or less? Maybe you are thinking that is not possible and that’s the first thing you should do by changing your mind set, because with this system it’s real. Most of the people don’t believe making that amount of money 90 days because they have a poor way of thinking. Digital altitude will assign you a coach in this coach will help you change that mindset to a different level and generate a six-figure he 90 days or less. Also, the good thing about this business is that you are selling digital products and you’ll never run out of inventory like it happens to me with my ecommerce business.


I considered this company or is similar like going to college but for entrepreneurs.

So let’s cut the crap and go to step one. What is step one?

In the step one you learn what is and Ascension model. Only step one they show you the basics. Now maybe you are asking yourself what are the basics? The basics are:

  1. Traffic
  2. Funnel
  3. Filter
  4. Follow Up
  5. Ascension Model


Lets cover all of them in my opinion:

Traffic – We all know that traffic is the most important step on ANY business. Because without traffic anything will happen. Imagine any business without traffic or to make it simple; imagine any business without customers. You and I know that is not even possible to make money without customers and that same thing happens with traffic. For me at least, my main goal will be traffic and set up my funnel the right way (you’ll learn about funnels and how to create them with your coach) with my autoresponder set up and with all the email sequence that the company will give me to start with. Traffic could come from making blog posts, social media post, YouTube videos, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, and so on. There are many many ways to generate traffic thanks to the internet. Is not like before, that the real traffic came from using flyers, newspaper ads and radio. Thanks to the internet there are many many ways to generate traffic and some of them are FREE!! I will cover this later on other posts as I create my blog with good and simple content to follow and execute.

Funnel- A funnel is a system that is setup to capture the customer’s email on the spot in exchange of an information or a product. In this case lets say that I’m presenting Digital Altitude to you and I create a post showing this great opportunity for all newbies and network marketers on Twitter. I could post something like ” come and learn how to dominate social media for your business by clicking here” “Download this ebook for free” As you can read this call to action, I’m giving away a free ebook on how to dominate social media in exchange of your email. Once you leave your email on my blog, I’m capturing your email and then set up a series of emails for you to receive and pitch or receive more information about my business. Sometimes takes at least 7 times for someone to finally start with your opportunity or at least pay attention to it.

That is why a funnel is important. Once you capture the email from any person you could send emails over and over to your list. Most people say “The money is on the list” I agree to that!! There are many ways to create this “FUNNEL” and one simple way will be by using a capture page. The capture page is the one who captures your email and then once the email is captured, the same landing page will connect you to a thank you page or to the link to download the product offered by the owner of the landing page. If this reads “Crazy” don’t worry keep reading and once you start with your coach, he or she will help you set up all the things you need. That is the beauty about this great company. You’ll have a coach all the time working with you and not for you. Simple!! Right?

Filter – is where you separate your leads into a warm leads and hot leads. Once the emails are captured and you set up the email sequence you’ll know what leads are warm and hot. A warm lead in my opinion is when someone write their email in your landing page. Now a hot lead is when someone is start replying to your email sequence. I hope you get the idea of what a hot lead and a warm lead are.

Follow Up- The follow-up starts when someone leave their email on your landing page. The follow-up series could be from one email to unlimited emails during a period of time. This is the most important step for me.

Ascension Model – For me this step is when a newbie starts with a level and then keep moving on or going up the steps. It’s like in school, you go from KG to graduate from high school. This business model is set up that same way.

As of today, I just finished step one and then, I scheduled an appointment using Skype with my coach. In a later post, I will explain or share my experience as I go step-by-step with digital altitude. Stay tuned!

Ricky Figueroa